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Industrial Sewing Threads, Bonded Nylon Thread and Polyester Tapes

Worthington Industrial Products Limited was the result of a management buyout in 1999 of the industrial sewing threads, cords and ropes sections of A J Worthington.
Worthington’s has a worldwide reputation for quality and service and the management saw an opportunity to build on this.

From our 27,000 sq. ft Staffordshire based manufacturing site, fully controlled under our BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality approval, we manufacture and distribute our industrial sewing threads, bonded nylon thread and polyester tapes throughout the UK and all around the world.

Industrial silk sewing threads is where it all started 200 years ago, today we manufacture and design a wide range of technical threads using all the latest materials to meet the needs of our industrial and aerospace customers. We also twist, wind, coat, prepare and dye material for various industries as well as for our own Braiding department.

Cords, ropes, braids, polyester tapes and sleevings are our largest area of production.

We manufacture cords and ropes from 1mm up to 12mm, tapes and sleeves from 5mm up to 30mm diameter using all the latest materials and equipment, these products are used in our everyday life such as electrical switches, garden and leisure right through to aerospace, military and parachute equipment, the range is huge and many are manufactured to internationally recognised standards as well as to our own and customer approved designs.

The following pages can only give you a brief look at a few of the products we produce; if its cords, ropes, industrial sewing threads, bonded nylon thread or technical materials, give our sales office a call, we will be only to pleased to help.

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